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Sunday, August 19, 2012

Too Old?!

   As the new school year approaches, we are sad to see those who have been with us for so long head off into the sunset... ur ... um... college. Our seniors have taught us so much about what it actually looks like to seek Christ, and not just go through the motions. It's also kind of hard, because as a youth leader, I want to continue to pour into them and see them take their relationship with Christ to the next level.

Watching our nieces and nephews this past week, we read them some of the Adam Raccoon series before bedtime each night. They really got into the stories. I recall the youngest saying at one time, "Adam Waccoon, I wuv him!" In a particular story Adam Raccoon is supposed to invite all the creatures of Master's Wood to a grand dinner that King Aren is putting on. Adam has a hard time inviting those who he feels might make the dinner less enjoyable, like this turtle who coughs a lot, or Cindy Skunk. He also invites a few who he thinks would look good at the party, and yet they are too prideful or lazy to come. The purpose of the book is to show that Christ has invited everyone to His table, and it isn't up to us to decide who we would like to see there and who we think are chopped liver.

Well this story got me thinking. As those seniors leave us, it's easy to ask the question, "Have I done enough? Have I pointed to Christ enough? Did I love well enough?" And just like Adam Raccoon, the best I can do, really ALL I can do, it just invite them to come to Christ's Table. They have to come. They have to make the choice to seek God. No matter if they are around Symposium or not. No matter if they keep going to church or not. No matter what...